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Gadgets 4 You – Everyone wants to surprise someone sometimes by purchasing a gadget. If you buy this now for yourself or want to give it as a gift: it doesn’t matter! But a gadget doesn’t always have to be funny for that. Countless gadgets also have a functional purpose. There are also many wanna haves that has technical highlights. If you want to use gadgets in the office or if you are a fan of drones; there is something for everyone. Besides, there are also handy home gadgets, tablets, and smartphones. So I would say that if you see something unique, something that is funny or something that seems useful to you and you absolutely want it, this is the definition of a gadget for me. You can find all these types of gadgets here at Gadgets 4 You.

Here is a link to a very famous trade show on gadgets and technology – CES 2021:


Because there are so many gadgets and it is an almost impossible task to get everything completely done, this site will be further developed in “steps”. The very first section that I will tackle (at the request of my many fisherman friends) is called Fishing Gadgets“. The other sections will follow soon. Maybe you can leave a comment explaining what interests you most. Then I can choose my next selection from all submissions.  I prefer to work section by section because the site can be updated faster that way. From a technical point of view, it would take a lot of work to have to “jump” to different headings. Thanks in advance and for your understanding!

As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. At Amazon, I enjoy the cheapest prices. If you buy here you are sure of a good price and I earn a small percentage from Amazon. A win/win situation for both of us!

Gadgets 4 You: Gifts

Gadgets or wanna haves are often given as gifts where the funny ones are especially popular. This happens on birthday or holidays or other days that have importance such as baptism, wedding, anniversary, party, etc … Of course, people usually give an occasion card with some money, but if you arrive with such a unique, funny gadget, you can still add value to such an event. There are many categories to choose from. For children, for women, for men, for pets, etc…

Birtday Gift For Her Birthday Gift For Him Baby Gadget For Parents Marriage Gadget


Many people think that they have to pay a lot of money for such gadgets. But nothing is less true! It may even be something from the technology industry where you can already find cheap stuff. Perhaps a “dirty” example: a power bank in the shape of a turd … Nobody is waiting for that of course, but you can not imagine what all there is. So it doesn’t have to be expensive! So if you like gadgets you can find original, useful or funny things. This does not look at age: they are there for young and old and all ages in between.

Gadgets 4 You: How about these office gadgets?

Office Gadgets 1 Office Gadgets 2 Office Gadgets 3


With all due respect for the older generation, but who doesn’t have a smartphone today? And around that, there are of course also a multitude of accessories. Just think of the thousands of apps on offer and the more useful covers or protective film against scratches and dents. Some large companies such as Apple have already developed smartphones with a self-repairing screen.

Promotional Gifts

Many companies also like to give small gifts to their customers. Usually, these are gifts with the publicity of their company on them and more specifically also a company logo. Printed and unprinted corporate gifts are very popular these days. That is why many printing companies also focus on this. Because ask yourself: who wouldn’t want to win a contract of 200000+ printed ballpoint pens or diaries? And I think I’m still talking about a small number. And not just ballpoint pens! How about a beautiful lady who wants to see her name on her sunglasses? Or a cyclist who wants a personalized drinking bottle? And all those other industries: notebooks, mugs, office supplies, umbrellas, bags, key rings, bottle openers, pocket knives, anti-stress balls, etc … And the companies are of course very happy to give them because the more publicity for them the better! If you wish it can even be engraved in your gadget. And all this to disclose your business or personal information. Just think of breakfast in the morning with everyone having their own mug and no more nagging from the children. It may seem corny, but children like this … And the children in us too!

Cycling Club Jumbo Visma   Personalized Ballpoint Penns  Personalized USB-Stick


It may be out of place for some, but we can’t get around it. With the coronavirus, the gadget companies have gained a new market. For example, there are already:

Gadgets 4 You: hand hygiene keys

These are made of brass and consist of antibacterial metals. Because they consist of anti-bacterial materials you can just keep them with you and use them to open doors without touching them, you can use it as a bottle opener, the top of it you can use as a touch pen and you can operate keys without touching them (such as elevators and ATMs).

Gadgets 4 You: multilingual mouth masks

Yes, ironic as it is, gadgets were already made for that. You do not know Spanish and you are still traveling? Then you should definitely buy this gadget. It is a mouth cap that was designed by a Japanese company. It connects to the smartphone and allows you to translate sentences into 8 available languages. Unfortunately, this product was developed precisely because the company was in trouble because of that coronavirus. The main languages ​​that this gadget can handle are: English (American), Spanish, Chinese, French, and Japanese. Should this be a success, more languages ​​will undoubtedly be added.

Hand Hygiene Keys  Multilingual Month Mask


The definition of a drone is: “unmanned aerial vehicle with no pilot on board”. This is logical, of course, because who can get in a drone? It would be better if they compare it to a UFO but in the lower regions … So the device has to be controlled with remote control and it gets its name from the English word for “male dar”. They can be used for an infinite number of purposes such as investigative actions, photography, civil purposes, etc … Of course, the police and fire brigade also use this technology. There are many different shapes in that drone category as well. Yet they all fall under the category “Multicopters”: most are equipped with at least 4 propellers or more. You also have the hexacopter (6 propellers) and the octocopper (8 propellers).

Drone - 4 propellers Drone - 6 propellers Drone - 8 propellers

Fishing Gadgets

Below you can see examples of Fishing Gadgets. You should definitely check out the first one below … It’s really worth it!

This product is the “Pocket Fisherman” that young and old will enjoy. It is foldable and you can store it in the glove compartment of your car without any problems. Dimensions: H15cmxW8cmxD6cm. It is sold with some accessories including a hook, a weight, and a float. You can even attach the device to your belt utilizing a clip.

You can also watch the following gadgets in a video. It’s about the Aguadron, the Anglr Tracker, and the TactiBite Fish Call.

  • Aguadrone: with this drone, you are very well equipped to go fishing in both salt and fresh water. The drone has various accessories. For example, the device has a bait accessory where you can send the drone exactly to the place where you want to fish. With the water-resistant camera, you can see what is going on under the water where the drone landed. It can be measured to a depth of 42 meters (max.). An internet connection can be made with special sensors. This really is the cream of the crop!
  • Anglr Tracker: a device that you attach to your fishing rod and thus establish a smart connection. For example, it also keeps track of where you are fishing, the local weather conditions, the quality of the water, etc.
  • Tactibite Fish Call: with this device, sounds and vibrations are detected so that you can go fishing at that place and hopefully have a good catch.

Gadgets 4 You: Finally

I hope you enjoyed this explanation a little bit and I am very pleased to welcome you as a guest. Please take the time to surf around my site! Thank you all very much!

Gadgets 4 You