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3 Pieces Crab Trap Bait Bags Outdoor Sports Style with 3 Pieces Rubber Locker for Fishing Crab Traps Catch

Appropriate size: the crab trap bait bag measures 12.5 x 7.3 inches, the stretched mesh size is 2/3 inches, and the rubber locker measures approximately 2 x 1.3 inches, all of which are appropriate sizes for you to use.

Sturdy and durable: made of nylon mesh, the bait bags are scratch-resistant, sturdy, and long-lasting, allowing you to store small items such as livers and crushed baitfish with ease.

Practical design: it is simple to tie up and use the rubber locker, which keeps your bait in the bag, and then hooks as needed in the traps to ensure they do not get the bait from outside the trap, allowing you to catch more fish.

Simple assembly: the nylon mesh bait bags’ added length is a nice way to keep the bait sealed and easy to fill; When not in use, you can wrap it around the pouch to keep it in place. If a fish or crab gets caught in the trap, it cannot easily clean out the bait.

Tips for use: sports style mesh bait bags can be connected with rubber hooks, and the length of the bait bags can be adjusted. The bait bags can be tied together for easy hanging, making them ideal for outdoor fishing and crab catching.

Ahi USA Squid Catcher Luminous Glow, 5 Hook

Gang ion 5 Hook

Glow in the Dark Beads

China is the country of origin.

Dimensions of the package: 8″ L x 4″ W x 2″ H

Hand-tied to heavy-duty 100 lb leader material and swivels with more and stronger high-quality razor-sharp hooks.

AirFly Custom Made Crab Snare

Made to order in San Francisco

Excellent with a fishing rod. Bait cage made of 16 gauge vinyl-coated steel wire. 2 additional reserve loops are provided for free.

Bait cage measures 4″x2″x1″. 6 * 14 in blue snares, dia. 0.065

6 oz total, 1 oz weight, 2 oz cage, 3 oz bait

ccaayy Crab Trap,Crawfish Trap, Fishing Bait Trap Cast Net Cage, Easy Use Hexagon 6 Hole Cage Crab Fish Minnow Crawdad Shrimp

Material: The ccrryy fishing trap uses polyester fiber material and a checkered manufacturing process to make it more durable. The steel wire bracket is 0.1 in thick to ensure proper shape. To extend the life of the trap, the bracket is covered with plastic. Make it a wonderful gift for fishermen.

Simple to use: quick set-up, 1. place bait in the bait bag inside the trap; 2. close the trap’s zipper (special zipper design can help you easily take out the captured prey ). 3. Tie the hand rope. 4. Submerge the cage in water and wait for the prey to enter the trap.

Its 360-degree multi-faceted porous design easily captures a variety of prey such as fish and crustaceans such as shrimp, blue crabs, minnows fish, lobster, and crawfish.

Fishing net diameter: 45cm/16.37″ (approx), height: approximately 32cm/12.60″; close length: 80cm/31.50″ (approx;), Weight: approximately 310g

As the best option for fishermen, fishing enthusiasts, family outdoor fishing, festivals, and other activities.

Drasry Fishing Bait Trap for Crawfish Shrimp Net Portable Accessories 11.8in x 5.9in (30cm x 40cm) 0.28 Inch Mesh Collapsible Fish Trap

The bait trap is made of multiple strands of polyethylene woven material, which increases the trap’s durability and service life. High-quality production technology has evolved into a high-quality trap for catching fishing bait and crayfish.

1/4 IN MESH: Fine mesh Very useful for catching fishing bait, crayfish, shrimp, minnows, and so on. Increase your chances of catching fishing bait while saving a lot of money on bait.

TWO ENTRANCES: On both sides of the bait trap, there are two circular entrances with a diameter of 0.39 in / 5cm that can catch baits, crayfish, shrimp, minnows, and so on. Simultaneously, traps that meet the majority of state requirements include escape ports.

STAINLESS STEEL WIRE BRACKET: Use a 0.16 IN thick stainless steel wire bracket to ensure that the trap’s weight increases and sinks quickly to the bottom of the water. Sufficient weight keeps the trap upright and allows it to catch more fishing bait and shrimp.

OPENING DESIGN: this allows you to quickly place prey bait and remove prey. LISTING: trap1, 32FT hand rope1, trap bag1, bait bag1, which means you only need to carry the bait to catch fishing bait with the trap.

Fishing Net Trap Portable Folded Foldable Crab Net Cast Dip Bait Fish Shrimp Crawfish Langostino Cage Traps Mesh Automatic

SMALL SIZE – The PACK OF 2 small size portable folded fishing nets are excellent children’s fishing toys. The fish traps are foldable, light, and portable, making them easy to transport. It’s a lot of fun and amazing to use. Good for parents who bring their children to catch fish, crab, shrimp, and langostino, among other things. It’s popular among children.

EASY TO USE – The bait trap is multi-functional, convenient, and simple to use; there is no need to install it; simply drag the key across the hole and the net will open automatically.

It is suitable for use by children as well.

HARVEST WHAT -The fishing trap’s entrance is large enough to catch smelt, eel, crab, minnow, shrimp, bluegill, catfish, crawfish, langostino, and other species.

Put some delicious baits into the net(baits into a little gauze bag), tighten up the bottom’s key to prevent fish escape, then put it into deep water, several hours after, you can get what you want.

SPECIFICATION – Small Size, 6 Sides, and 6 Holes.

When opened, the height is 11 inches and the diameter is 20.9 inches.

15.6-inch packed length

Weight: 4.8oz (0.3lb). (Approx)

Foxy-Mate 66 Crab Trap

The Philippines is the country of origin.

The item’s package height is 0.8″

The item’s package length is 14.4″.

The item’s package width is 10.5″.

Frabill Rectangular Bait Trap | Heavy-Duty Vinyl-Dipped Steel Mesh Trap | Available in Models Specific to Crawfish or Minnows

Since 1938, anglers have put their trust in Frabill.

The heavy-duty, vinyl-dipped steel mesh construction battles open water to assist you in landing healthy, wild crawfish on the hook.

The color black serves as camouflage.

Tested in both saltwater and freshwater

mouhike Fishing Net Mesh Fish Trap Collapsible Fish Cage/Fishing Keep Net/Fishing Basket for Keeping Lures Crayfish Crab Fishes Smelt Minnows Shrimps Lobsters, Foldable Fishing Mesh Trap

A DURABLE MESH MATERIAL: Made of high-grade Nylon quick-drying material, it is long-lasting and odor-resistant. It is also corrosion-resistant and anti-microbial. There is no harm done to the fish!

FOLDABLE AND STABLE: Constructed of four strong spring wireframes, the net is divided into three layers, making it collapsible and portable for use outside. It is also lightweight and easy to transport.

The drawstring control on the cage mouth can be used to help prevent fish from escaping from the fishing basket while it is being used as a fish storage container.

A durable fishing net that can be used to catch and hold a variety of fishes, including smelt, minnows, crab, shrimp, lobsters, and other small creatures.

DIMENSIONS: Maximum Diameter: 12.6″/32cm; Maximum Height: 21.7″/55cm; Maximum Weight: 0.30lb/120g

Nswdhy Fishing Bait Trap,2 Packs Crab Trap Minnow Trap Crawfish Trap Lobster Shrimp Collapsible Cast Net Fishing Nets Portable Folded Fishing Accessories

WIDE APPLICATION: With 2 packs of portable automatic telescopic shrimp crab traps, it is convenient, does not require installation, and is simple to use. Shrimp cages in two sizes, suitable for all fishing scenarios.

HOW TO USE: Open the trap and place the baits in the bait pouch.

Just wait for the fish, shrimp, crabs, and other aquatic organisms to swim through the front and back of the mouths into the cage, preventing the prey from escaping.

SUPERIOR MATERIAL: The crab net is made of double-layer nylon mesh and durable steel wire support, making it both durable and lightweight.

Specially designed large zipper for easy prey removal; It folds into a small size, is lightweight, and is portable.

The diameter of the fishing net is 12 inches/30 centimeters, and the height (stretched) is 23.6 inches/60 centimeters.

9.8inch/25cm diagonal; 17.7inch/45cm stretched height

Palmyth Wire Grid Bottom Crab Nets Two Ring Crab Kit with Harness and Bait Clip 24” X 20” X 12”

A wire grid bottom ring allows for easy bait attachment as well as improved crab retrieval and removal.

Comes with an extra gift bait clip to keep the bait secure inside your crab ring.

The hot galvanizing-coated 24″ wire upper ring and 20″ wire grid bottom ring protect against corrosion and add years of service.

The 12″ deep polyethylene netting with 1.1″ blue mesh ensures optimal catch security.

The 50-foot orange braided polyethylene rope and float provide visibility in inclement weather.

Promar 4 Arm Trap Harness

It is simple to attach and detach from traps and pots.

Corrosion resistance

Ring made of vinyl-coated steel that is extremely durable.

4 strong snaps

Sporting activity: fishing

Protoco 9 x 9-Inch Crawfish Trap Black/Orange, 9 X 9 X 24-Inch

These Crawfish Traps are popular among both recreational and commercial trappers.

The trap comes with a bait box built into the center of the trap, which is easily accessible for loading in the bait to catch those tasty fish. Crawfish
The steel mesh is coated in a long-lasting Black Polyethylene coating to protect it from all of the elements found in saltwater.

Two orange tunnels are cone-shaped, allowing crawfish to enter for the bait and have no way out until you remove them.

To remove the Crawfish, one of the tunnels is designed to hinge down, allowing the Crawfish to be easily removed.

Protoco Economy Crab Ring, Blue/Orange, 24 X 17-Inch

These pots are popular among both recreational and commercial crabbers.

All Economy Crab Rings come with a free orange polyethylene-coated bait box to keep your bait where the crabs will have to come in for a nibble.

To protect against all of the salt water’s elements, the steel frame is coated in an extremely durable Blue Polyethylene coating.

The wire used is stainless steel, which prevents corrosion and adds years of service.

To withstand the elements of the ocean, Protoco also employs tarred netting.

SF 4 Arm Crab Trap Harness with Heavy Duty Metal Hooks for Sailing Fishing

The total length is 84cm/33inch, and the arm length is 79.5cm/31.2inch. The snap opening is 2cm/0.78inch in size.

Four corrosion-resistant galvanized stainless steel ringed-eye marine snaps with extra heavy-duty crimps are included. The spring snaps are well-made and will last for a long time with a good rinse after use. The four upgraded nylon arms are thicker and stronger, allowing for better load-bearing.

A large metal ring at the end of the trap for mainline hook-ups and four nylon arms help secure the trap during deployment and retrieval. Please keep in mind that the ring is made of an alloy that is NOT RUST-PROOF; wipe clean after use to prevent rusting.

Snaps on and off easily for hook-up. It’s simple to attach and detach from crab traps and pots.

Strong snaps will give you confidence that they will withstand strong currents and keep your bounty secure while lifting the traps from the ocean’s bottom. Designed to work with the majority of crab traps, shrimp traps, and pots.

Sparkfire Floatable Galvanized Wire Fish Basket, Gold, Medium/13 x 18″

Medium-sized galvanized wire fish basket (13 x 18 inches);

The cover design at the top of the page makes use of a float that can help it stay afloat in the water.

The bottom gate makes it simple to remove the fish.

Both the top and bottom gates are equipped with a closing spring.

Folded size is only 13″x2″, making it convenient to store and transport.