Sport Fishing Is Relaxing

Sport Fishing Is Relaxing

Sport Fishing Is Relaxing – What could be more calming and relaxing than recreational fishing? You are one with nature and can throw off all the stress. Kind of quality time for yourself. So: forget the daily grind and enjoy that moment, enjoy the environment and everything that nature has to offer, and become “zen”. Because “Sport Fishing Is Relaxing”! But keep an eye on your float and don’t fall asleep … lol … A little muffled music in the background can be sleep-inducing for some people and pleasant to listen to for others. Or maybe you have a colleague who keeps you company? Then you can talk about little things with maybe a snack and a drink. Or if your family is there, you can have a nice picnic. But tell the children (if any) not to be too noisy … This could scare the fish!

Become "Zen" Some Floats Muffled Music

Colleagues Fiahing Picnic Family

And what does this beautiful nature have to offer? A lot if you observe it properly. Both on land, on the water, and in the air.

In the fields: cows grazing in the pasture, horses galloping, pigs grunting, sheep bleating, chirping crickets, and many other animals that can be seen. You might see a frog come and say hello … But don’t try to kiss it! You also have the local flora that can be admired: beautiful flowers, plants, and stately trees. Hikers, cyclists, farmers working on their fields. Happy people waving, laughing, or shouting something … great! And preferably not too many cars that disturb this idyllic moment.

Grazing Cow   Horses Galloping    Pigs Grunting

Sheep Bleating Chirping Cricket Frog Saying Hello

Flowers   Plants    Trees

Hikers Cyclists Farmer

Waving  Laughing Car Passing By

On the water: all kinds of swimming birds in all possible colors and sizes. Isn’t it nice to see a mother duck pass by with those cute chicks in her wake? And not too many boats that are disruptive and leave a lot of swells. If one passes by, preferably in the summer with people in swimwear … Beautiful girls for the men and why not: beautiful men for the female fishermen. If that interests you, of course. With the waving, laughter, and shouting on top. Kayaks and canoes can also pass by. As long as everyone respects everyone, all these things can live harmoniously with each other.

Swimming Bird Mother Duck With Chicks Little Boat  People In Swimwear

In the sky: a bright blue sky with or without cute clouds and a shining sun. Or the opposite: gray threatening sky, whether or not followed by the irrevocable rain. But that certainly does not deter the die-hards among us. And even more different birds low or high in the sky. Some of them sing a nice song, others just Twitter. You can also find these flying animals in the surrounding flora, more specifically in those stately trees … And why not muse away with the thought of a long journey when you see an airplane high in the sky with the well-known white stripes it leaves behind. One day a hot air balloon could even slip by. And then you have the dragonflies playing around (or on) your float and whether or not annoying flies and bees … How beautiful nature is! It would make you poetic.

Blue Sky  Gray Sky  It's Raining

Beautiful Bird  Airplane  Air Balloon

Dragonfly Fly Bee

But now enough about that nature and back to the activity: sport fishing. First and foremost, find a nice suitable spot and then start to prepare the material “fish-ready”, whereby the bait should not be forgotten. Make sure you are fully and practically installed before you start fishing. And suddenly there is that moment: do you also have that exciting feeling when you see the float move or tap or lie flat or start to “walk away” to eventually go down well? At that moment you are completely excited and focus only on that float within your mind that whopper of a fish that you will catch … This is the blissful moment that we all do it for and which can be so heartwarming. And then, of course, the catch itself … Sometimes large / sometimes small in size, where the small ones are easy to pick up and with the more difficult large formats we can even compete for a long time with the animal in question and that we may have some ” bumbling “with the fishing net … But in the end, the work is rewarded with a huge or not. Then follows the technical procedure of unhooking, measuring, and taking a picture of the catch in the hands of the fisherman. That is truly a blissful moment! Above all, respect for the animal must come first. Unhook the fish very carefully and do not leave it out of the water for too long! Sportfishing in itself has no commercial purpose whatsoever. And then: back to the water and start over …

Fishing Spot   Get Ready   Materials

Bait Lure Fly Fishing

Very Big Fish Using The Net Unhook The Fish

Measuring The Fish Big Fish 1 Big Fish 2

I also love to think back to when I went fishing with my grandfather. For me, he was so handy and he taught me a lot. Yes, I have remembered and cherished many of those things and I still use them. I was automatically taught the love for sport fishing by my grandfather. I still vividly remember that very small fish that I caught for the first time. And my grandfather bluffed to anyone who just wanted to hear how good I was. Oh, how I miss that man!

Grandpa and grandson Small Fish 1  Small Fish 2

For those of us who are competitive, there are many clubs or special organizations where they can find what they want. Many competitions are also organized there in a club context, nationally and even internationally. For all these events, special rules have been drawn up that must be strictly followed. I myself am not so in favor of that “competition” feeling because I am not that stress-resistant and as I wrote at the beginning of this article: I want to become “zen” …

Fishing Competition 1 Fishing Competition 2 Fishing Competition 3

Even for those who go to sea to go fishing, it is always a new adventure that awaits them. And this is what makes sport fishing so much fun!

Sea Fishing 1 Sea Fishing 2

So: maybe after reading this article you got the itch again to go back fishing. So take your fishing gear and enjoy it! I wish you a lot of pleasure in the outdoors and the beautiful nature …

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